What We Do

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Commercial Videos

Cinematic and highly textured videos with complex animated clips rich in special effects

The most effective way to convey your brand identity to an audience is through the use of cinematic montages: short engaging videos, enriched by special effects and graphics are the best you can use to promote your brand

LanzaroteYourHouse: Promo Video
Marina di Costa Corallina: Sailing Spot

YouTube Videos

Spend more time dreaming and less time editing

We help you direct, shoot and edit catchy and modern-looking YouTube videos so you can invest your time in your brand while we produce the content your channel needs

Surf Insight: The correct surf stance
Surf Insight: Angle your takeoff
BonnyandGava: Top 10 Lanzarote Activities

Stop Motion Videos

Give your brand a different look so that it stands out from the crowd

A perfect mix between photography and videography, with a very young and catchy vibe. An engaging way to provide your audience something new to look at.

Also in collaboration with Elisyde Lab for studio work

Astra Makeup Skin Unboxing
Astra Makeup Skin Promo
Astra Makeup Luminous Drops

TikTok & REELS

We identify the trends and help you grow your community by speaking the language of the young

What better way to show that your brand is up to date than by participating in the latest social media trends? We identify trending Reels and TikTok videos and select the ones that can be best adapted to suit your brand. 

Also in collaboration with eBabble and Ccubed for social media strategies, marketing and communication.

Press Pause
Astra MakeUp
Weekdays Balmy

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